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We invite you to register your volunteer restoration event with this year’s Make a Difference Week below. Upon registration, your event will be listed in our searchable database. By registering your event here, you can better attract volunteers, increase the impact of your event, and promote your participation in the global movement that is Make a Difference Week.

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Is Your Event Eligible for Make a Difference Week?

Make a Difference Week volunteer events can be hosted by individuals or groups from across the world, but should be explicitly focused on activities along the restorative continuum. Restorative activities are actions that “directly or indirectly support or attain the recovery of ecosystem attributes that have been lost or degraded” (SER Standards 2019). We encourage hosts to consider where their activity falls on the continuum and if there is the potential to move further to the right, increasing the benefits to ecological health and biodiversity benefits. Examples of successful past events include weed pulls, plantings, seed collections, and monitoring surveys. Restorative Continuum Make a Difference Week has no geographic restrictions and aims to be as inclusive as possible. However, not all events are eligible for Make a Difference Week, including those that are specifically intended to promote a business or product, those that require participants to pay a registration fee, or those that are not focused on improving the overall health and resilience of local ecosystems. Please contact us if you have questions about your event and whether or not it is eligible for registration with this year’s Make a Difference Week.

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We offer a variety of resources for event hosts to help them prepare for their Make a Difference Week event and learn more about the field of ecological restoration. Explore these resources below.

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