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American Chestnut blight Inoculations at PSU Arboretum

Penn State Arboretum
Chestnut Grove Lane
State College, PA, United States

Date & Time:
June 3, 2024 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

Spend a day surrounded by chestnut trees and friendly people as we inoculate chestnut trees with blight to test their blight resistance at the Penn State Arboretum orchard in State College, Pennsylvania. If you enjoy outdoor work then this is for you! The PSU arboretum is also a great living demonstration of TACF’s progress using traditional breeding processes where many steps of the backcross program can be viewed in one area. It’s also a wonderful time to visit State College during the relaxed summer schedule with fewer students in the valley.

The event will be held Monday, June 3rd in the arboretum orchard. The following Monday, June 8th, will be a rain reschedule date if necessary. Parking is available in the orchard. However, if you prefer to park on campus and be picked up, we can accommodate you. The orchard is located north of the University Park Campus, and accessed from Big Hollow Road. Take Fox Hollow Road to Big Hollow Road and follow signs to the event. Please contact Lake Graboski, North Central Regional Science Coordinator, if interested in helping out –

Practical Details:

This event will be outdoors in an orchard setting, so please wear the appropriate clothing and footwear. Bug spray, sunscreen, water is recommended.

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