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Note: This Event Has Been Archived

YYJ Invasive Species Elimination Extravaganza

Gate 284 along Willingdon Road. Ten Ten Creek Daylight area north of Willingdon Road.
North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Date & Time:
June 9, 2022 | 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

Our team along with volunteers from Make a Difference Week will be working to remove invasive species along the banks of Ten Ten creek. This area of Ten Ten creek "daylight area" was recently restored in 2019 to remove physical debris, contaminants, restore better creek flow and improve aquatic habitat. As a part of this restoration work, we are encouraging the growth of primary species to aid with erosion control and creek bank stabilization while fostering our local biodiversity goals. It's imperative we stay on top of invasive species so the creekbanks can flourish with native species and create a healthy stream ecosystem for decades to come.

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Practical Details:

Parking along Willingdon Road near Gate 84 can be supported (note that shoulders of the road can be a bit soft and grassy). Banks of Ten Ten creek are steep and host (sometimes slippery) clay rich soils.

-Wind breaker is a good idea given this area is usually a bit windier
-Good fitting footwear with aggressive treads are required.
-Bring water for hydration and snacks if needed
-Work gloves (suitable to handle blackberry)
-Long sleeves and pants -Garden tools such clippers, shears, hedge trimmers can all be useful

COVID-19 Protocols:

We will be working outdoors with lots of room to keep our distance from each other as needed.

Make a Difference Week Is Held in Conjunction With: