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Spreading Hope - Ecological Restoration in Hebei 播撒希望——生态修复在河北

Desertified Area Along Ci River 磁河周边的荒漠沙坑
Shijiazhuang 石家庄市, Hebei Province 河北省, China

Date & Time:
June 4, 2022 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

The event will aim to protect the mother river, Ci River, in Zhengding County. Since its sand quality is good, the river has experienced heavy illegal sand mining in history. The event will teach volunteers to make seedballs of Caragana korshinskii Kom. and Haloxylon ammodendron for soil and water conservation along Ci River, and clear the invasive species according to the Checklist of Hebei Province Alien Invasive Plant Species. 本次活动旨在保护河北石家庄正定县的母亲河——磁河。由于磁河沙土质量较好,吸引了历史上很多非法采沙盗沙活动。本次活动将让志愿者学会制作柠条和梭梭等植物的种子球,并在磁河沿河的荒漠沙坑中投放,同时根据《河北省外来入侵植物普查清单》清除沿途的入侵物种。

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Practical Details:

All the volunteers will gather at the archway in Chenjiatuan Village. They need to wear loose clothes and outdoor shoes, and keep social distance during the event. 志愿者于当天在陈家疃村牌楼集合,需要穿宽松衣服和户外鞋,并做好防疫保护。

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