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Pollinator Monitoring in Shanghai (Citizen Science) 基于公民科学的上海地区传粉昆虫监测

Shanghai Urban Biodiversity Education Base 上海乡土生态科普示范基地
Shanghai, China

Date & Time:
June 4, 2022 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

This activity is one of the public activities of the pollinator monitoring project in Shanghai during 2022-2023. It aims to investigate the pollinator species in Shanghai and their corresponding relationship with plants, and provide data support for the pollinator habitat networks research and conservation. 本活动为2022-2023年度上海地区传粉昆虫监测项目的公众活动之一,旨在调查上海地区传粉昆虫的种类及其与植物的对应关系,为后续的传粉昆虫栖息地网络建设提供数据支持。

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Practical Details:

The volunteers will take half-an-hour indoor training, and then divided into groups with two people in one group. They will search for native plants that atract insect pollinators in the current season outside, observe in each place for 1-2 hours, take photos of how the insects visit the flowers, and upload the photos and the coordinate information to "Life Observation APP" for the further identification and analysis by researchers. 在本次活动中,志愿者先在室内经过半个小时的志愿者培训,后将分为2人1组,在上海乡土生态科普示范基地中寻找当季开花的昆虫授粉植物,每处定点观察1-2小时,拍摄访花的昆虫并将照片和坐标信息上传至生命观察APP,共研究人员后续鉴定和分析。 Gather location: Forest City Studio Note: The volunteers need to bring their mobile phones or cameras to take pictures, and register for "Life Observation APP". 集合地点:城市荒野工作室 注意事项:携带手机或相机进行拍摄,提前注册生命观察APP。

COVID-19 Protocols:

All the volunteers need to submit the PCR Test QR Code and Health QR Code online two days before the event, and show those QR code to the event worker on the day of the event. During the acitivity, all the volunteers should wear masks and keep social distance. 所有报名人员在活动前2天需线上提交核酸码及健康码,活动当天出示核酸码及健康码后方可参加活动。活动过程中全程佩戴口罩,避免人员大量聚集的情况出现。

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