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Local Genepool in Local Nurseries for Ecosystem Restoration and Climate Resilience

Kerala, Western Ghats, South India
Thrissur, Kodungallur, P Vemballur P.O., Kerala, India

Date & Time:
June 5, 2022 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation have been working on documenting and developing ecological solutions for status assessment, monitoring and ecorestoration of species and ecosystems in the Kerala part of Western Ghats region in South India. This includes studies on riparian forests, endangered trees, hornbills and their habitat, tropical rainforests, sacred groves and coastal ecosystems. We have developed standardised tools for ecorestoration planning using bioclimatic species and ecosystem distribution predication models and niche profiling of compositions for the region. Few have been published, added to the policy and management plan document of PAs and Biodiversity Management plans of local Self-governments. Regional nurseries and community especially women involved ecosystem restoration.

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Practical Details:

Our centre, CEtC (Centre for Ecology, Taxonomy, Conservation and Climate Change) at MES Asmabi college campus and the local panchayat at 18-21 nurseries and the ecorestoration sites will be doing this. Any person across the region with early registration can participate in the event from their regional locations. All the interested shall be meeting together again in the conference event (date will be announced later), where the winners will be honoured. A common card and logo will be developed and circulated to the participants to use as a flag for the event. A certificate will be issued for all the participants. for partnership please contact us at or

COVID-19 Protocols:

The institution and the authorities have COVID-19 protocols and also regularly updated with that of the state government. Will be followed.

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