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Note: This Event Has Been Archived

Lijiang River Watershed Clean Up Action 漓江净滩行动

Yushan Bridge to Nanzhou Bridge, the west bank of Lijiang River 虞山桥至南洲桥漓江西岸
Guilin 桂林市, Guangxi Province 广西壮族自治区, China

Date & Time:
June 11, 2022 | 10:00 am - 12:00 am (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

The event hopes that through the experience of picking up garbage along the Lijiang River, participants will have a preliminary understanding of the current environmental situation of the river, recognize the environmental problems, and think about how to protect the mother river in Guilin. They will gain a sense of environmental self-efficacy in activities, be willing to bring environmental protection concepts to life, and affect the people around them. 漓江净滩行动希望通过在桂林母亲河漓江边捡拾垃圾的活动体验,使参与者对漓江的环境现状有初步了解,认识到漓江面临的环境问题并思考如何保护好桂林的母亲河。在活动中获得环保自我效能感,愿意将环保理念带到生活中,做好生活中的环保小事并影响到身边的人。

Practical Details:

Volunteers need to bring garbage pickup tools, gather at Guilin Fangxiang Park at 9:45, and pay attention to sun protection measures. 志愿者需携带捡拾垃圾工具于9:45分在桂林市芳香园集合,注意做好防晒措施。

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