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Ecological Restoration in Peking University 生态修复在北大

Peking University 北京大学
Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区, China

Date & Time:
June 4, 2022 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

We will use college campus as the event site to combine nature education with construction practice, and therefore enable science education and community engagement. The events will include expert lecture, native plants introduction, invasive species identification, and other habitat restoration activities. We hope to have more people participate in ecological restoration activities around them, protect the local habitat, and make a difference! 以高校策源地作为活动场地,以自然课堂学习与营造实践相结合的方式,服务于科普教育和公众参与。通过举办专家课堂,乡土植物介绍以及入侵物种辨识等生境修复营造等活动,让更多的人参与到身边的生态修复活动中来,保护本土生境,成为改变的力量!

Practical Details:

1. Note Wear outdoor activity clothing. Bring sun protection and mosquito repellent. 2. Schedule Volunteer gather location: Yuguo Garden, No.30 Building Event time/content: 10:00 Volunteer gather 10:00~11:30 Introduce native vegetation and identify invasive species in Yuguo Garden and Yannan Garden, and collect leaves for bookmark making. 11:30~14:30 Meal and rest 14:30~17:00 Make bookmarks at Caotu Cafe in College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and share ideas. 1.注意事项: 着装便于户外活动,建议携带防晒、防蚊虫用品 2.活动安排: 集合地点:30号楼果雨花园 活动时间/内容: 10:00 集合 10:00~11:30 在果雨花园和燕南园进行乡土植被介绍和入侵物种辨识,采集自己喜爱的乡土物种叶片作为之后植物书签制作活动的材料。 11:30~14:30 吃饭休息 14:30~17:00 在北京大学建筑与景观设计学院新楼草图咖啡进行乡土植物书签制作,交流活动感受。

COVID-19 Protocols:

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of exhibition activities, we will ask participants to show their Health QR Code, accept body temperature monitoring, wear masks, and pay attention to self-protection. If anyone has suspected symptoms, such as fever and cough in the events, we have to require them be isolated immediately, and let relative workers know in time. We will contact 120 and transfer to the fever clinic for investigation and follow up the investigation results, and cooperate with the disease control department and industry competent department to do further work. 要按照展览活动疫情防控要求自觉接受体温监测,出示健康码,科学戴口罩,做好自我防护,如在现场出现发热、咳嗽等疑似症状者,要立即隔离,及时通知疫情防控责任人,联系120转运至发热门诊排查并追踪排查结果,配合疾控部门和行业主管部门做好后续处置工作。

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