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Note: This Event Has Been Archived

تنظيف الاحراج و مداخل البلدات (Cleaning Forests and Entrances to Towns)

مداخل و احراج بلدات قضاء راشيا (Entrances and forests to the towns of Rashaya District)
بلدات قضاء راشيا (Rashaya District Towns), قضاء راشيا / محافظة البقاع (Rashaya District / Bekaa Governorate), Lebanon

Date & Time:
June 9, 2022 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Local Timezone)

Event Summary:

تنظيف الاحراج و مداخل بلدات قضاء راشيا مع موظفي البلديات و الجمعيات و الاهالي

Cleaning the forests and the entrances to the towns of Rashaya district with the employees of the municipalities, associations and the people.

Practical Details:

فرز النفايات و ايداعها في مركز الفرز الخاص بالجمعية لإعادة تدويرها

Sorting the waste and depositing it in the sorting center of the association for recycling.

Make a Difference Week Is Held in Conjunction With: